Cloud Security Service for Software as a Service (SaaS)

Single sign-on

Remember just one user name and password to access all authorized SaaS applications. Our solution uses industry standards to enable single sign-on using your customer's enterprise identity infrastructure. Read more ›

Comprehensive audit logs

Audit logging is critical for customers and is by many regulatory bodies. Most SaaS applications do not provide any audit logs of user activity. With NCSS you provide tracking and reporting at a page level, from the cloud application back to the enterprise. Read more ›

Zero-day start/stop

One of the biggest concerns about using applications in the cloud is ensuring that accounts are deprovisioned in a timely manner when an employee leaves the organization. With NCSS, you can provide your customers with the peace of mind they need with zero-day start/stop deprovisioning that is enterprise directed. Read more ›

Authorization management

Your customers have roles and access information defined for their employees, contractors and partners that they need to enforce for SaaS applications. Today most SaaS applications have their own systems and processes for maintaining and managing roles and associated access that is separate from the enterprise system. This results in manual intervention each time an employee leaves or changes roles.

With NCSS, roles and attributes from your customer's identity system can be mapped to the SaaS applications. You can allow your customers to manage authorization as they do their authentication.