Secure mobile access that is convenient to use

Today, no access management strategy is complete without a mobile component to the solution. While just a handful of employees may have a fully managed mobile device provided by the company, all of them probably own their own devices. By allowing BYOD users to access secure resources, you broaden the chances that your people will do work when they are away from the office.

We help you...

Deliver access tailored to the device

Mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are cool because they’re:

  • Easy to carry around
  • Easy to keep connected to the internet
  • Fun to use as travel aids (best restaurant, best product, best price, etc.)
  • Great toys

All of which makes them great work tools as well. But mobile devices aren’t workstations. They usually don’t have an attached keyboard and the screen delivers a different user experience than a desktop/laptop. What’s quick and effortless on a desktop/laptop can be cumbersome and time consuming on a mobile device. We make accessing internal and SaaS applications quick, convenient, and secure on mobile devices.

Protect your sensitive information and control risk

Just because it needs to be convenient for your BYOD users doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down when it comes to protecting private information (intellectual property, customer information, regulated data, etc.). We let you display a quickly accessible view of web-based applications on mobile devices while ensuring that only the right people have access. And since we focus on managing and delivering secure mobile access to protected services and not on managing or locking down the mobile device, it’s BYOD friendly.

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