In healthcare, you always need to innovate and deliver higher quality care, while reducing costs. Our solutions help you achieve this with confidence that patient data is protected and compliant with privacy regulations.

As a healthcare provider, you rely on technology to get better patient outcomes by sharing patient and medical data. But sharing and accessing data now takes place anywhere, anytime and with any device—which complicates the protection of data. Patients expect you to keep their information secure and compliant with privacy and data protection regulations. We provide identity, access, security and governance solutions which support quality care seamlessly.

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  •   Access patient information efficiently In order to offer excellent care, healthcare physicians and clinicians need access to patient health information and medical records anywhere, anytime, from any device. You need a single, simple, secure access method that does not get in the way of care.

    Provide easy, secure access to patient information ›

  •   Improve data access for healthcare physicians and clinicians   Healthcare physicians and clinicians often share devices, change roles, and move between facilities. This creates a complex environment of on/off boarding, roles and privileges that must be managed seamlessly to ensure efficiency and compliance.

    Automate data access based on roles and privileges ›

  •   Enable secure EHR/EMR meaningful use You need to share EHR and EMRs effectively and be confident that you are monitoring for suspicious behavior and guarding against patient data breaches.

    Enable meaningful use and protect against data breaches ›

  •   Provide continuous governance of HIPAA/HITECH compliance Patient privacy and compliance must be continuous and automated in order to be truly effective. As your infrastructure becomes more complex, you face new risks with heavy regulatory fines for non-compliance with such healthcare mandates as HIPAA. Passing an annual audit is no longer good enough; you must ensure sensitive patient information is protected continuously.

    Automate continuous monitoring to comply with HIPAA/HITECH ›

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