Deploy or expand VoIP

You're making the move to voice over IP (VoIP), but a bad migration could be disastrous. Before you deploy VoIP, you need to know which applications will impact voice quality and where your network will bottleneck.

We help you...

Collect real network metrics with added voice traffic

It may sound impossible to measure voice quality before deploying VoIP, but it's not. We can emulate VoIP traffic on the network, and collect key call-quality metrics. This gives you the objective metrics you need to achieve a successful deployment.

Analyze network voice readiness

Migrating to VoIP is costly and highly visible. Before you invest in training and pilot deployments, We can help you know if your network can handle it. We can create a concise analysis of your network's voice readiness, combined with details that help you understand where targeted improvements can be made before you deploy VoIP. We can also help you minimize the costs of upgrading your network.

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