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Want to increase server consolidation ratios, reduce the number of physical servers, or lower power and cooling costs? You need a planning tool that that does more than tell you how many hypervisor licenses to buy.

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Increase server consolidation ratios

Today's hardware is easily capable of supporting consolidation ratios of 20:1 or more, especially when consolidating older physical servers. But "which ones?" is just as important a question as "how many?". After all, if you load up 20 virtual machines on the same virtual host, and they all have peak usage at the same time, they'll overwhelm the host and you'll get noticeable performance degradation.

We give you a better way to plan your server consolidation projects. You can monitor the resource utilization patterns of your physical workloads before virtualizing them, typically for 30 days, to get a detailed profile of how CPU, disk, network, and memory resources are utilized. Not just how much, but when. Using these profiles, you can build better server consolidation plans, maximizing the number of virtual machines per host, while at the same time minimizing—or even completely eliminating—resource contention.

Meet your server consolidation objectives

Often, your consolidation planning needs go beyond "I need to virtualize these servers, how many hosts do I need?" (And even if that's really your biggest question, do you really want the company that is selling you the virtual host licenses giving you the answer?)

Many times your goals are more complex. You wonder what you can virtualize on the virtual hosts you already have. Or you wonder if any of the physical servers you're virtualizing will make good virtual hosts. And sometimes you have goals like lowering power consumption, freeing up rack space, or reducing costs.

To answer any of these questions, you need a powerful planning and analysis tool like PlateSpin Recon. We include a comprehensive database of physical server characteristics (rack height, power consumption, etc.), and monitor how your servers and their workloads use their CPU, memory, disk, and network resources. This builds a complete physical and utilization profile for each server.

We use these profiles to build server consolidation scenarios that answer even complex and unusual questions, giving you the data you need to stop guessing and execute your plans with confidence.

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