Control and monitor privileged users

You must control and monitor privileged users, who can inflict enormous damage with their access to critical information. You need to minimize their number, monitor their activity and limit the damage they can do.

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Control "root access" to critical systems

Whether you know it or not, lots of the wrong people may have "root level" access to your critical systems or applications. This happens when someone shares a privileged identity, such as an administrative account, with others. We can help you limit such elevated access to Active Directory, and your Windows, Linux or UNIX systems. This will both reduce your risks, and help you pass compliance audits.

Limit and delegate Active Directory administration

Microsoft Active Directory is an important store of identities, group memberships, and other information that helps you run your business. However, not everyone needs full administrative rights in Active Directory. We can limit administrative power, restrict directory views, and delegate only the rights that people need to do their job.

Monitor changes to critical assets

It can be hard to know when privileged users are making changes to systems or accessing data. Traditional approaches alone, such as SIEMs, do not provide enough information to the security team to let them know of potential threats. You need advanced user activity monitoring that supplies the details behind events, so you will know when to accelerate your response. We can help. We can monitor for any unauthorized access and changes to your critical assets. This lets you know when a privileged user is making changes to systems that could pose a threat, or when they are acting outside of policy.

Limit and monitor the activities of privileged users

Privileged users are more likely to follow policy if they know they are being monitored. And it's even better when you can limit the actions they can perform. We can monitor specific console commands, and record and playback all activity. This lets you identify suspicious activity and take immediate action when it occurs.

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