Tackle IT problems before they impact service

Your IT goals are being derailed by frequent performance issues. You need to proactively report on recurring incidents and analyze IT trends to put yourself ahead of problems, instead of behind them.

We help you...

Provide data collection and warehousing

When you collect data manually, it is time–consuming and tedious. What’s worse, it almost always leads to spreadsheet inconsistencies over time. That makes it hard to create meaningful reports and plan for the future. You need to take an automated approach to IT data management and reporting. automates the collection of a wide variety of metrics from almost any technology, and store those metrics for years. This gives you reliable, consistent baseline data for accurate forecasting and analysis.

Automate data processing and report generation

You have lots of data, but what does it all mean? It often takes far too long to manually turn all that information into something understandable. We provide consistent and automated ways to analyze and transform your data into meaningful reports. This gives you actionable information when you need it, for true IT data management.

Automatically schedule and distribute targeted reports

Many different people in your organization want IT trend analysis, but it can be a challenge to find just the right report for everyone. We help you give them what they need, with our powerful IT data management capabilities. We can create regularly scheduled, targeted reports for key stakeholders and distribute them automatically. This gives everyone the information that is needed to proactively address capacity problems and recurring incidents.

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