Manage mixed unified communications

Delivering unified communications (UC) usually requires multiple vendors, and managing it all can be complex and costly. You can simplify administration and reduce costs by managing UC delivery as a service.

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Monitor multi-vendor UC environments

When you have more than one vendor in your UC environment, you quickly learn how complex that is to monitor and troubleshoot. We can help. We provide application and systems monitoring of your critical UC components. This gives you advance notification of issues before they impact your business.

Integrate UC application, network and server monitoring

You rely on more than just the UC components to deliver your communication services. You also use many infrastructure components which are outside the reach of most UC monitoring tools. We can help you get a complete picture, with comprehensive monitoring across both your UC and IT infrastructure.

Provide UC service visibility

You need a holistic view if you want to know how your UC service is truly doing. Traditional manager-of-manager programs only integrate IT tools, which can leave big gaps in your understanding. We can help. We provide UC service monitoring that gives you much better visibility. We integrate UC and IT tools with business platforms such as CRM, ERP, Micro Focus service desk and financial systems. This gives you a true perspective of UC service performance, and permits you to manage UC more effectively.

Show off your UC service performance to stakeholders

When your business managers don't have objective metrics to judge by, they can be very critical of IT service performance. This can even cause them to question your entire approach to UC management. We help by providing dashboards tailored to different stakeholders, to help them clearly understand the UC service levels you have achieved.

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