Protect from server failure and site–wide outages

If money were no object, you’d mirror all your servers to a remote site. But we live in the real world, with real budgets. How can you affordably protect your critical servers from local and site–wide outages?

We help you...

Avoid unnecessary duplication of hardware and software costs

Disaster recovery (DR) solutions back up your business-critical server workloads to on–site or off–site warm–standby virtual machines. This is a very cost–effective way to protect your business against server failure. By using virtual machines, you eliminate the costly overhead of one–to–one duplication of server hardware, while still reducing RTO and RPO to minutes.

Backup locally or offsite

If your DR solution is located in the same place as the servers it is protecting, you are vulnerable to all outages that affect that facility. We can help. For maximum protection and flexibility, our DR solutions are designed to let you back up your production server workloads to an existing VMware environment, or to a self–contained DR appliance. The appliance can be deployed in your primary data center, a remote facility, or at a site managed by a third party.

You can even restore and run your backup virtual machines in the off–site facility. This means your business can continue to operate while the main facility is being repaired.

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