Configure systems to protect against threats

Keeping critical systems configured for maximum security is harder in a hybrid IT environment. You need to continuously evaluate your key systems and pinpoint, report on, and respond to areas of vulnerability.

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Harden your critical systems against insider threats or advanced, persistent and targeted attacks

Research shows that a lack of basic security controls, such as weak passwords or server misconfigurations, is at the root of countless data breaches. Compliance mandates such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), while a good first step, only provide a minimum framework for security. You should focus first on lowering organizational risk to improve security. This will naturally help you achieve compliance because of your good security posture.

We can help you create secure configurations by providing detailed control mapping, not only to key compliance mandates, but also to security best practices. We also provide configuration assessment of your systems against both security and compliance controls. And our security monitoring solutions help you to assess and report on the integrity of critical systems and files in real time. This gives you the detailed security intelligence you need to streamline auditing, and proactively defend against emerging threats.

Make it easier to keep critical systems configured correctly

It is much easier to maintain a good security and compliance posture if your system configuration and integrity assessments are streamlined and automated. We can make it faster for you to comply with regulations and best practices, and prove compliance, by automating the assessment of your system configurations.

We also offer automated, real-time solutions for controlling and auditing access to sensitive systems and files by privileged users. This plays a vital role in preserving system integrity. When used together, these solutions ensure that all configuration changes that are outside of policy, as well as any unauthorized access and changes, are quickly found and reported. Your teams will have the information they need to repair poor configurations, respond decisively to threats, and close IT compliance gaps.

Identify and reduce risk from key vulnerabilities for a stronger security and compliance posture

You must identify and resolve important vulnerabilities (such as server misconfigurations) within your IT systems. Failure to do so can result in data breaches or failed audits. When  identifying such vulnerabilities is difficult due to hybrid IT environments, We can help.  We provide automated delivery of the latest content on regulations, standards and vulnerabilities. This will help to keep your system configurations relevant and up-to-date.

Our automated system configuration assessments expose dangerous vulnerabilities. This alerts your teams so they can take quick action and resolve poor configurations and compliance gaps before they can become problems. And our web-based reporting can rapidly identify unauthorized activity and changes by privileged users in real time, to speed threat response and help you prove compliance.

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