The Cloud Services Provider Program helps you provide the service offerings your customers critically need to be able to successfully shift to a hybrid cloud computing model. With our solutions, you will deliver services to help them secure, manage, monitor and measure their overall IT infrastructure regardless of where it resides. With our company, you will bring differentiated services to market faster than you previously thought possible.

How we can help...

Provide cloud services in all deployment models

We have decades of experience making large enterprises secure, compliant and operationally efficient. With our proven technologies and your expertise, you can deliver globally relevant superior cloud solutions in all deployment models:

  • Private: Deliver secure, compliant and well- managed private cloud services for your customers.

  • Hybrid: Deliver services that help your customers secure and manage their hybrid cloud environments.

  • Public: Create and deliver multi-tenant service offerings for a wide range of customers and industries.

Add value

We help you add value to your customers in all of these deployment models. Our cloud solutions will help you solve the critical problems your customers are facing.
In any deployment model, you can:

  • Become a trusted provider who can help customers execute their cloud strategy and consume more cloud services.

  • Help customers enforce their access management, compliance and regulatory policies across on-premise and cloud resources.

  • Provide cloud broker services that help customers manage their hybrid cloud environment.

  • Provide visibility via business-centric dashboards to both internal and customer stakeholders.

Create winning solutions

We provide award-winning technologies that allow you to deliver cloud services in the following areas:

Identity, Compliance and Access Management - Deliver Identity As A Service (IDAAS) services to help your customers manage core identity information, maintain secure access management and remain fully compliant with current and future regulations while including their on-premise and cloud resources.

Infrastructure Management - Monitor, analyze and view events occurring across your customers’ on-premise and cloud environments.

Workload Management - Migrate workloads to and from the cloud and protect workloads running on-premise or in a cloud environment.

SLA Management - Provide a holistic view of all resources making up a customer's environment, and demonstrate SLA performance where it is defined.

Services Management - Offer your customers a self-service user experience where they can select, deploy and manage workloads and services across multiple cloud destinations.

Unified Communications - Use VoIP analysis, planning and monitoring technologies to improve your unified communications offerings.

Mobile Device Management - Leveraging Mobile Management technologies provide service offerings so your customers protect their businesses while gaining the business agility brought on by leveraging enterprise-owned and personal (BYOD) devices.

Open Source Cloud - Implement private and hybrid cloud infrastructure for your customers through SUSE's cloud offerings featuring SUSE Enterprise Linux and OpenStack.

Leverage the program benefits

We will support you through the entire process of designing, deploying, selling, and supporting your cloud-delivered solutions. By joining the Cloud Services Provider Program, you can leverage our expertise, technologies, and program benefits to:

  • Get to market quickly with differentiated enterprise-class services.

  • Maintain a cost base in line with your revenue stream(s).

  • Maintain and demonstrate predictable service levels.

  • Create opportunities through co-marketing, and sales support.

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