Identity-Powered Security

Balance User Convenience with Reduced Organizational Risk

NetIQ can help you to achieve Identity-Powered Security by providing the tools you need to aggregate identity information from across your IT infrastructure, and integrate this information into your security monitoring tools, delivering the essential "identity context" teams need to recognize – and address- potential attacks faster than ever before thought possible.

Identity Governance and Administration Access Management and Authentication User Activity Monitoring

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Provide an Integrated Approach to Identity Access and Security

Identity and access management is disconnected from security management in many IT organizations. Traditionally, identity and access management has focused on getting business users the right access to do their jobs, regardless of complexity from cloud and mobile apps, while security teams have focused on defending the organization from external and internal threats.

But both want the same thing—to protect sensitive information from misuse or theft using a method that is transparent and convenient for users. And both teams have capabilities that would be useful for the other. NetIQ helps organizations address risk and complexity, from both privileged and regular users, with an integrated set of solutions that manage the identity and access lifecycle, authentication, identity governance, and security monitoring. We call this approach Identity-Powered Security.

Consisting of three complementary disciplines, Identity-Powered Security also includes specialized Privileged Identity Management solutions that help organizations meet compliance regulations and prevent data breaches associated with the misuse of privileged user accounts.

Identity Governance and Administration

NetIQ's identity management capabilities help you efficiently provide appropriate access permissions so users can do their job. Smart, yet simple access governance enforces the least privilege principle which helps to reduce segregation of duty violations from users with "access creep," a common problem when employees accrue access for special projects or when changing roles. Minimizing user permissions to only what is appropriate is a proven method to help reduce compliance violation fines and thwart potential insider attacks. This is particularly true for privileged users, because these users typically have the broadest access rights to your organization's most sensitive data, systems and assets.

Access Management and Authentication

As local, remote and mobile users interact with business applications, the way they authenticate must be contextually controlled to minimize the hassle. Simple credentials (such as username and password) may be appropriate for low-risk authentications, but as the risk context increases, there may be a need to request additional credentials or step-up authentication. Matching authentication requirements with the risk associated with the access request ultimately serves to minimize the risk that insider credentials are being abused by outsiders.

User Activity Monitoring

We must monitor activity because we know some insiders will abuse their privileges, and we have to assume that well-funded, creative attackers will eventually gain insider credentials. In particular, the activities of privileged users must be scrutinized, because gaining access to privileged accounts can potentially expose the organization to great risk. By monitoring what users or machine accounts are doing with their access, using identity as a key source of context, we can identify abnormal activity patterns with analytics to reduce event noise, find the real threats, and take decisive action to disrupt attacks.

Achieve Identity Powered-Security

NetIQ can help you to achieve Identity-Powered Security by providing the tools you need to strike the right balance between user convenience, governance and security. NetIQ is the world's leading provider of integrated Identity, Access and Security Management solutions. Every day, we use our broad experience and expertise to help our 6000 customers respond effectively and rapidly to their most demanding users, auditors and complex threats by giving them visibility and control of access to sensitive assets and services—wherever it is, and whoever the user is. Find out more via the links to the right.

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