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Integrate and visualize your data for IT intelligence

Chances are, you aren’t suffering from a lack of data. In fact, you might be drowning in it. However, when information isn’t integrated and visualized correctly, it’s hard to know how to act on it. Operations Center integrates multiple data sources into information and service-delivery models, providing you with a holistic view of your entire IT environment. With Operations Center, you know:

  • How your entire enterprise is performing
  • Which critical services are up-and-running or at risk
  • How IT events are impacting your business
  • Which IT events should take priority
  • What your customers are experiencing

By integrating your system monitoring and application management data with business metrics, security monitoring information and customer experience metrics—you can get real-time insight into your entire enterprise. Are you open for business? With Operations Center, you know.

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Why Operations Center is a smart choice

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Your success is our business


We can find minor problems and resolve them before they cause meltdowns months from now. That’s what our entire managed service practice is based on.

Shane Roberts
Director of Managed Services

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The Gothaer Group

The Gothaer group wanted to improve customer service and business efficiency by introducing a major new e-business platform. The new system would give customers rapid online access to information.

Thomas Werner
Team Leader—Systems Management at Gothaer Systems

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KPN iTV implemented an advanced business service management solution based on Operations Center to provide real-time dashboards showing the business impact of events in the ICT infrastructure.

Jacob Groote
Director of the National Operations Centre

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