Control access for IT regulatory compliance

Regulations concerning privacy and separation-of-duty requirements create a lot of overhead for your organization. You need to know whether you are compliant to IT regulations or mandates related to identity and access, and can pass an audit.

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Use policies to ensure that IT regulations are not violated

It can be a challenge to turn complex IT regulations, such as for privacy and separation-of-duties, into something a business user can understand. We capture the many access policies from the business in one central location, for ease of use and oversight. We help you proactively manage risk factors, and make it easy to comply with even the most complex access compliance mandates.

Monitor user activity and enforce IT regulatory compliance

We make it easy for users to access their applications quickly and conveniently through a single sign-on (SSO) experience, also known as web access management (WAM). Users sign-on once and have access to all their web-based applications and resources, regardless of their location—in the enterprise or in the cloud.

We monitor and record all user activity in provisioned systems. We provide a complete picture of who has access to what, and what people are doing with their access in real time. If users do anything that violates policy, you have many options, including notifications and automatic remediation.

Maintain the integrity of your access policies

To be truly effective, your access policies need to be enforced from a central position. This gives you much more control. If, for example, an application administrator tries to circumvent a centrally controlled policy, we can detect, and automatically overwrite, the changed access. This preserves and enforces the mandated policy and helps you comply with IT regulations.

Demonstrate access governance and IT regulatory compliance

Without specialized tools, it is really hard to prove you are compliant with access regulations. It is labor-intensive, complicated, time consuming, and expensive. Because proof often requires manual processes, it can also be prone to error. This can expose you to an audit.

We provide you with all the right metrics to prove compliance. It is always ready for retrieval, for access review, attestation and certification. And since access events are fully tracked, you can answer the toughest audit questions with confidence.

Combat access elevation

As employees change positions or job functions in your organization, you need to be able to quickly adjust their access to IT resources. Otherwise, it is easy for people to retain access to things they no longer need to do their job. We provide easy, automated ways to assign and remove access rights. We can also help you fight this access elevation with regular access reviews and certifications.

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