Single sign-on for SaaS applications

Enable single sign-on for your SaaS applications using industry standards.

As use of SaaS applications increases within enterprises, there is a danger that productivity and user experience will suffer. If your customers use more than one SaaS application, and each application requires users to have different usernames and passwords, two types of problems can develop:

  1. An individual user could be using the same username and password everywhere. This can lead to compromised passwords if one application gets attacked.
  2. An individual user could be maintaining different user names and passwords. This can lead to increased calls to the help desk for password resets.

This will limit adoption of your application within your customer's organization.

Cloud Security Service only requires your customers' employees, contractors and partners to remember one user name and password to access all authorized SaaS applications. Our solution leverages industry standards to enable single sign-on using your customer's identity infrastructure.

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