Our Consulting includes astute business strategists and technical experts with broad industry and functional experience. We can help you increase business-critical capabilities, achieve tangible results, create a competitive advantage and realize a return on your investment within realistic time frames.

Consulting Solutions

Our Consulting builds cost-effective, reliable and secure business solutions that help you meet your business priorities, helping you effectively manage costs, reduce complexity and mitigate risk support your broader business goals to ensure you get the most from your IT investment.

Tailored Consulting Engagements

Have specific requirements? Consulting can help tailor an engagement to address your specific needs.

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Consulting Custom Developer

Need customized development? Consulting can help you do cost-effective, small-scale custom development.

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Delivery Excellence Review

Our Delivery Excellence Review comprises a set of specific action items, opportunities and best practices to help your project manager and team ensure your solution implementation is completed correctly and efficiently.

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One Week Consulting

Pre-purchase consulting resources to secure staff augmentation for time-sensitive and critical projects. Improve resource planning by securing and paying for the resources you know you'll need later.

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Our Methodology

We have developed a uniform and effective methodology, the Unified Delivery Process, which is used in all Consulting engagements. The Unified Delivery Process ensures that our solutions are delivered on time and within budget. Furthermore, the process can be leveraged by us, guaranteeing a consistent delivery for every project.

Working with us, you will benefit from the advantages of the Unified Delivery Process by taking advantage of broad project and product experience. Through this process, we can effectively help you:

  • Develop your solution iteratively
  • Manage your requirements
  • Use clearly defined architectures based on proven solution reference architecture
  • Verify your solution quality
  • Control changes to your solution

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All Consulting packages expire as defined in the Statement of Work. If not defined, they expire 6 months after date of purchase.