Advanced Authentication 6.4

NetIQ Advanced Authentication lets you move beyond user name and password to a more secure way to protect your sensitive information. Using multifactor authentication, you can now step your protection up to the next level when fraud or unauthorized access are overriding concerns. And because NetIQ Advanced Authentication provides secure access with a simple gesture, you now have the speed and convenience not possible with user name and password.

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Getting Started view last update
Overview    05/29/2024
What's New    07/15/2022
System Requirements 05/29/2024

Release Notes view last update
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Service Pack 3 Patch 1 Release Notes    06/11/2024
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Service Pack 3 Release Notes    05/29/2024
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Service Pack 2 Patch 1 Release Notes    12/06/2023
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Service Pack 2 Release Notes    09/26/2023
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Service Pack 1 Patch 1 Release Notes    03/02/2023
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Service Pack 1 Release Notes    11/28/2022
NetIQ Advanced Authentication 6.4 Release Notes    07/15/2022

Administration view last update
Administration Guide    05/29/2024
Helpdesk Administrator Guide    05/29/2024
Tenant Administration Guide    05/29/2024

Advanced Authentication as a Service view last update
Advanced Authentication Cloud Edition Release Notes    05/30/2024
SaaS Administration Guide    05/29/2024

Installation and Upgrade view last update
Server Installation and Upgrade
- Installation and Upgrade Guide    05/29/2024
Client Installation
- Desktop OTP Tool Installation Guide    09/26/2023
- Device Service Installation Guide    05/29/2024
- Linux PAM Client Installation Guide    05/29/2024
- Mac OS X Client Installation Guide    05/29/2024
- Windows Client Installation Guide    05/29/2024
- Windows Authentication Agent Installation Guide    09/26/2023
- Virtual Desktop Authentication Agent Guide    09/26/2023

Plug-ins view last update
ADFS Plug-in Guide    06/04/2024
IIS Authentication Plug-in Guide    05/29/2024
Logon Filter Guide    05/29/2024
NPS Plug-in Installation Guide    09/26/2023
RADIUS Agent for Linux    09/26/2023
Remote Desktop Gateway Plug-in Guide    09/26/2023

User view last update
Advanced Authentication User Guide    05/29/2024
Smartphone Applications Guide    05/29/2024

Developer view last update
Advanced Authentication API Documentation 09/26/2023
Advanced Authentication SaaS API Documentation 04/20/2023
Risk Service API Documentation 07/18/2022
API Use-Case Guide    06/07/2024

Videos view last update
Configuring the Flex OTP method as second-factor authenticator
Configuring the Smartphone method as Second-Factor authenticator
Configuring Voice OTP as the Second Factor Authenticator
Configuring Multifactor Authentication on OpenVPN
Integrating Advanced Authentication with Microsoft Office 365 without Using ADFS
Support the Crescendo C2300 Card for the FIDO2 Method
Using the Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag as a Second-Factor Authenticator

Previous Release view last update
Advanced Authentication 6.3 12/05/2019
Advanced Authentication 6.2 02/28/2019