1.0 Introduction to Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication™ is a multi-factor authentication solution that goes beyond the typical username-and-password-based authentication, enabling you to protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive data more effectively and securely. Advanced Authentication allows you to authenticate on diverse platforms using various devices and methods such as Fingerprint and Card readers, One-Time Passwords (OTP). In addition, Advanced Authentication’s authentication framework is both comprehensive and intuitive, ensuring secure access to all your devices while minimizing administrative overhead.

Generalized Authentication comprises the following three factors:

  • Something that you know (such as password, PIN, and security questions).

  • Something that you have (such as smartcard, token, and mobile phone).

  • Something that you are (as determined by biometrics, such as via fingerprint readers or iris scanners).

Achieving Multi-factor (aka strong) authentication requires utilizing any two (or more) factors from this list in combination. For example, multi-factor authentication could be realized by including a password with a physical token, or by combining both a smartcard and a fingerprint.

This section contains the following topics: