AppManager for UNIX and Linux

AppManager® for UNIX optimizes performance and availability for UNIX and Linux systems and applications, including Oracle, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server, Apache, WebLogic and NetBackup. These modules offer comprehensive event management and proactive alerting. Automated features include checking for potential problems, triggering appropriate actions and gathering long-term data for planning, analysis and reporting.

AppManager for UNIX

AppManager for UNIX

Succeed with our solution

  • Improve capacity planning with resource utilization reports
  • Increase security with user and superuser login attempt monitoring
  • Understand how CPU utilization is consumed by users vs. processes
  • Identify which processes consume the most memory and CPU resources
  • Decrease the total cost of ownership to manage, configure and secure your UNIX environment

Key features and benefits

  • Utilizes a single console to manage all server environments regardless of your operating system—UNIX and Linux or Microsoft Windows. The modules use a common SQL data repository so charts, graphs and historical data can be combined to produce unified reports.
  • Ensures easy customization throughout your infrastructure with Knowledge Scripts based on industry standards, including Visual Basic (VB and VBA) and Perl. The scripts are user extensible and customizable by importing new or existing UNIX scripts. With AppManager, you can dynamically configure measurement values so a single script can do the job of many.
  • Offers comprehensive management features that enable you to manage your servers as you prefer. Grouping Knowledge Scripts ensures that all servers in a class are managed consistently.
  • Single instance of agent to deploy across multiple solutions including AppManager, Security Manager and Secure Configuration Manager for easier management, deployment and issue resolution.

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