AppManager® Reporting and Analytics Add-on

Your IT environment is constantly changing! You need to know it's normal behaviors so you can isolate anomalous IT events. You also need to store and report on its current and historic performance so you can recognize trends and anticipate future needs. The AppManager Reporting and Analytics Add-on contains 2 important products to help you do this: Analysis Center and Advanced Analytics.

Analysis Center

Analysis Center is the OLAP-based reporting component of AppManager. It offers a comprehensive view of your IT operational health, performance and capacity trends.

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These complex, time-based comparisons of performance across different servers and applications provide these benefits:

  • Improves productivity by providing customizable classification of data so you know where to focus attention.
  • Enables effective capacity management by providing the views necessary to accurately provision servers, and focus on capacity planning and virtualization.
  • Provides deep insight into your overall IT health and performance so you can more accurately anticipate service-level needs and requirements.
  • Enables enhanced performance management through drill down into detailed sub-reports from a customizable table of contents. This lets you view pertinent, easily accessible metrics for specific subsets of your environment.
AppManager 8 Analysis Center

Once reports have been generated by Analysis Center, they can be automatically distributed on a schedule via email, posting to a share or viewing in a portal.

You can use these reports to:

  • Track performance. Are my web servers operating within the limits of current system resources? Is there any degradation of throughput on my network?
  • Uncover trends. Is there an increase in the number of HTTP requests handled by my Web servers? Is there an increase in the number and size of messages conveyed by my Exchange Servers?
  • Correlate events. Does the volume of customer traffic during the holiday shopping season overwhelm the memory and CPU of my Web servers? Does an increase in the number and size of messages conveyed by my Exchange Servers have a negative impact on network performance?
  • Make forecasts. At what point will customer traffic outpace the system resources on my Web servers and when should I upgrade? At what point will the increase in size and number of messages conveyed by my Exchange Servers degrade my network throughput and when should I upgrade?

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics adds adaptive thresholding capabilities to your AppManager environment. It's typical that your IT environment experiences regular peaks and valleys of utilization as part of its normal operation. Examples of this could include increased network traffic as people log-in at the beginning of the work-day or late night CPU spike as reports, archiving, and other regular maintenance activities are being run. You certainly don't want to be alerted each time these anticipated activities happen—but setting static thresholds for alerts to accommodate such peaks and valleys may fail to give you much needed intelligence. Would your monitoring solution alert you if expected peaks didn't happen? Or if network activity happened at an odd time?

Advanced Analytics learns the normal behavior of your monitored environment and applications and can alert you when unexpected behavior happens—giving you a jump on situations that may be developing in your enterprise. Even better, through adaptive learning, it adapts to changes happening in your environment—so if unexpected behaviors happen regularly enough—they become expected and will no longer generate alerts.