ResponseTime Modules

The AppManager® ResponseTime modules monitor performance from an end-user perspective. This provides early warning of problems before users begin calling and provides objective measurement of performance.

The business problem

Without an objective measurement of the end user experience, IT organizations are subject to complaints that may not be justified. Being blind-sided by user complaints is a constant struggle as well.

Our solution

AppManager ResponseTime modules execute basic transactions from an agent or client PC, yielding data about the application's availability and its response time. The ResponseTime modules can alert on poor response time and loss of availability, reporting on performance and availability over time.

Key features and benefits

  • Increases application availability by consistently and repeatedly monitoring the availability and performance of your server infrastructure from across the network.
  • Improves administrative productivity by identifying whether applications, servers or the network are causing performance issues.
  • Manages user expectations by uniting user experience data with server and application performance data to show the enterprise how well you are supporting the business.

AppManager ResponseTime modules

AppManager ResponseTime for Microsoft Active Directory (and DNS)–Provides a set of transactions that monitor the availability and response time of typical Active Directory operations, such as checking Active Directory domain controller connectivity or service availability.

AppManager ResponseTime for Microsoft Exchange–Monitors the availability and response time of typical Exchange operations, such as checking an Exchange Address Book entry and reporting on how long this took and any errors generated.

AppManager ResponseTime for Microsoft SQL Server–Provides a set of transactions that can be run from client machines to SQL servers. These transactions monitor the availability and response time of typical queries.

AppManager ResponseTime for Networks–Uses our unique network application emulation technology to monitor a network's ability to move critical application traffic. AppManager ResponseTime for Networks is installed on at least two computers, typically on different sites, and it monitors network performance between those sites.

AppManager ResponseTime for Oracle–Provides a set of transactions that can be run from client machines to Oracle servers, monitoring the availability and response time of typical queries.

AppManager ResponseTime for Web–Measures the response time of complex Web-based transactions through record and playback capabilities. With this module, you can also verify the performance and availability of web page URLs and key web services, such as SMTP and FTP.

AppManager ResponseTime for Windows–Measures the response time of virtually any Windows application, including Citrix terminal sessions, through scriptable recording and playback of client operations.

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