Module Builder

AppManager® Module Builder lets AppManager users extend monitoring beyond the applications that are supported out of the box today. Take custom module development from three days to three hours, and save money on services and consulting.

AppManager Module Builder

AppManager Module Builder

Using an intuitive interview wizard, application experts can easily select custom applications within their environment; identify processes for monitoring; and package for delivery to the AppManager administrator—without needing to understand AppManager or monitoring details. Then AppManager experts can use the wizard to complete quick development of a complete AppManager module. Once deployed, the previously unmonitored application will provide AppManager metrics to proactively alert on issues and collect service level metrics.

Organizations benefit by using AppManager Module Builder to extend AppManager proactive monitoring further across the enterprise to combat:

  • Business risks due to gaps in monitoring so outages or failures no longer go undetected until a helpdesk ticket is submitted.
  • Lack of time to build custom monitoring support.
  • Mismatched expectations between applications and monitoring experts over what metrics are critical to monitor.
  • Monitoring that becomes outdated with current application versions.
  • Costly services engagements and onsite visit expenses for seemingly simple management updates.
  • Application discovery issues often associated with custom monitoring requirements.

Our difference—custom application monitoring at your fingertips

AppManager Module Builder provides a quick and easy way for application experts to "fingerprint" their applications so that AppManager experts can quickly produce and deploy a module. Take custom module development from three days to three hours with AppManager Module Builder for Windows-based applications with predefined thresholds, metrics, and severity levels. The potential savings are clear in both time and money—less personnel time is required to understand each other's needs and money is no longer spent on services, consulting engagements, or onsite visits.

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