Agentless Monitoring

This module expands AppManager to provide real-time monitoring of key metrics in situations where installing an agent is not ideal. AppManager Agentless Monitoring allows you to quickly and easily deploy basic monitoring capabilities for physical or virtual machines in environments where agents are not allowed, not easily deployed or must be highly-customized before actual deployment. AppManager Agentless Monitoring is ideal for highly dynamic environments in very large enterprises or service provider environments where physical and virtual machines may be constantly changing and basic monitoring of key metrics are needed for short periods of time as machines are available. Additionally, smaller enterprises that are developing a monitoring strategy can use Agentless Monitoring to give them basic metrics about their physical and virtual machines.

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AppManager Agentless Monitoring

Features & benefits

Depending on your situation, you can't deploy an agent on the physical or virtual machines you're using. When that's the case, you have blind spots in how you're enterprise is running. With Agentless Monitoring, you can monitor the key metrics of any physical or virtual machine—without having to deploy an agent on it.

Day 1 monitoring

Configuring robust agents can take time—especially when those agents have to be highly customized. You can't delay running your business for your monitoring solution. Agentless Monitoring allows you to quickly and easily deploy basic monitoring functionality until your customized agents can be deployed.

Dynamic environment monitoring

In highly dynamic environments, physical or virtual machines may only be up for a few hours or a few days—then disappear or be reconfigured. In such situations, it may not be cost-effective or efficient to deploy monitoring agents. Agentless Monitoring allows you easily monitor those temporary machines so you still have an over-all picture of your entire enterprise.

First steps

Smaller enterprises realize they need monitoring solutions, but may not have a huge and complex IT environment. Agentless Monitoring allows for cost-effective, easily-deployed monitoring while still providing you with a platform that can grow as your monitoring needs increase.

Easily Switch

Because Agentless Monitoring is bundled together with the other infrastructure monitoring agents, you can easily switch between deploying agents or monitoring agentlessly without additional costs.

What's monitored

AppManager Agentless Monitoring allows you to monitor the following key metrics without deploying an agent:

  • CPU Load: including overall CPU load and queue length
  • Memory utilization: percentage of physical memory used
  • Network utilization: percentage of utilized bandwidth
  • Logical disk space: including percentage of disk utilization and minimum megabytes available (per disk)

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