Operate and deliver services efficiently

Federal IT must maximize every dollar spent, consolidate where possible and use technology strategically. You must also provide transparency into the delivery of high-performing services to the public.

We help you...

Manage service impact of IT events, not tools

Today's mission-critical services require monitoring of service performance and availability to the agencies that use them in real-time with a sea of tools that generate events. This requires understanding technology events, regardless of infrastructure (e.g., cloud, mobile, on/off-premise) in relation to the services that they impact. You need to have a picture that proactively monitors technology resources to respond to and avert service-impacting events. We can help you maximize your current investments in monitoring tools, remove redundancy and find the gaps in monitoring.

Plan and execute anywhere-to-anywhere
migrations and consolidations

Consolidating data centers to share both infrastructure and services helps you reduce costs, but leads to tedious migration projects. You need the ability to eliminate the guesswork and risk from your data center consolidation and migration projects with actionable analytics. Then you can finish faster with rapid automated workload migrations to and from physical, virtual, cloud, and image hosts.

Provide affordable, high-performance protection of mission-critical services

Traditional disaster recovery solutions force you to choose between performance and price. You and your agencies require low recovery point and time objectives (RPOs and RTOs)—typically four hours or less. We can help you achieve this at a price point of tape with mirror-like capabilities that is not cost prohibitive, so that services and data are recoverable in the event of an outage.

Monitor service availability and performance transparency

Defining and agreeing to service performance objectives is only the first part of the equation. The ability to provide service performance visibility in real-time is a game changer in managing an agency's service performance. Providing transparency in an IT dashboard, showing service performance in real-time, means you can proactively take action rather than reacting to service-impacting events or merely reporting service performance after the fact.

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