Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) / NIST 800-53 Compliance

Our security and administration products aid Federal organizations with implementing the controls required by NIST SP 800-53 by streamlining their business processes to assure business continuity, improve operational efficiency and maximize security for the IT infrastructures of those organizations. At our company, we develop easy to use, modularly integrated security management solutions that assist customers with regulatory and policy compliance while enabling these organizations to secure their IT assets and manage risk.

Business Problem

Mandated by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002, NIST created the special publication 800-53 to provide guidelines on security controls for Federal Information Systems. The risk management framework in 800-53 provides civilian federal agencies with an excellent guide for breaking down FISMA into areas of IT controls which can be implemented as policy and assessed for compliance. To comply, the IT departments of these organizations must implement strategies and processes to:

  • Assure service levels, policy compliance and appropriate risk management
  • Secure all assets and services
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of heterogeneous IT infrastructure management

Our FISMA Solutions

Our award winning and industry-recognized products can dramatically enhance the protection profile of Federal organizations, and aid chief information officers in complying with the requirements detailed in NIST SP 800-53.

Our products can help you address the key focal areas specified within NIST SP 800-53.

  • Secure Configuration Manager enables effective configuration management from discovery of all systems connected to the network through establishing and managing the baselines across those systems, and identifying where those system drift from their expected configurations.
  • Security Manager monitors heterogeneous security controls throughout the organization, allowing organizations to be proactive rather than reactive in their security management by enabling fast identification of potential and existing threats, and providing detailed and accurate security knowledge to staff to enable quick remediation and reduce exposure times.
  • Real-time monitoring and audit of changes to Active Directory are provided through Change Guardian for Active Directory, along with detailed reporting on changes for auditors and management.
  • Sentinel Enterprise allows you to obtain accurate, timely assessments of your current security risk by automating the process of gathering, consolidating, and evaluating critical event information. This information can then be correlated, compared and summarized for input into agency FISMA reports.
  • Identity Manager automates the management of user identity and access rights throughout their lifecycle. You can grant users role-based access to resources when their relationship with your organization begins, update access rights when their role changes, streamline password management and immediately remove access rights when the relationship ends.
  • SecureLogin enforces FISMA-compliant security policies and restricts users' access to sensitive information.

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