Take the guesswork out of server consolidation and disaster recovery planning and analysis

Wondering which servers to virtualize, how many host servers to buy, and which virtual machines go on which hosts? Or how to properly plan and size your disaster recovery environment? PlateSpin® Recon is a virtualization planning tool for complex server consolidation and disaster recovery initiatives that provides actionable data based on criteria you define. It uses the most accurate utilization profiling to maximize consolidation ratios and recovery capabilities while minimizing resource contention.

Whether your goal is virtualizing or backing up more servers onto fewer hosts, lowering power consumption, freeing up rack space in you data center, or meeting recovery time and recovery point objectives, PlateSpin Recon gives you the intelligence to succeed.

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The PlateSpin Recon solution saved Essent about €2 million for the data center consolidation project alone," said Spoel. "The solution also made it possible to complete our data center consolidation without any costly business disruption, and with considerably reduced risk. The value to our organization over time could easily be in the order of hundreds of millions of euros.

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The South African Department of Trade and Industry

PlateSpin Recon gave the dti the concrete data it needed to build its server virtualization strategy, with consolidation scenarios showing how the peaks and troughs of different combinations of virtual servers would combine when running together.

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