Operations Center: Perform and Deliver

Deliver reliable IT services today and plan for the future

  • Diagnose root-cause faster for quicker resolution
  • Maintain service levels
  • Risk mitigation in live views

Monitor Diagram

Monitor Diagram

Fight back against service-impacting events

  • Impact Avoidance: Enjoy unparalleled clarity into your IT infrastructure and set thresholds that align with your business goals to prevent service-impacting events.

  • Prioritization: Minimize downtime and revenue-impacting events by prioritizing response and restoration for the services that are most critical to your organization. Incorporate business context and rules of priority based on business calendars and value/volume of transactions into your monitoring activities.

  • Diagnosis and Root Cause: Quickly pinpoint the offending component and restore service. Faster root-cause analysis in conjunction with business-driven IT work priorities speeds mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) and improves communication across your organization.

  • Impact Analysis: Driven by an intelligent service model, Operations Center empowers IT organizations to assess the potential impact of a change, thus preventing service-affecting events. Changes can be combined to maximize efficiency and assessed against service calendars to ensure they won't occur at high-risk times for the business or that multiple changes do not collide.


Service Level Management

When you rely on reports, all you can do is react. For truly strategic service-level management, you need both live and historical analysis. Guided by your business objectives, Operations Center monitors and manages performance in real time, alerting you before service levels drop. Meanwhile, historical trend analysis provides guidance for future resource utilization, management and improvement.

Service Level Agreements

Did you know that 75 percent of companies have executed SLAs between their IT organizations and business users? Operations Center aligns IT goals with business goals by integrating business context and rules for prioritization into measurement activities. It also accounts for factors such as business calendars and value/volume of transactions. As a result, you can focus your limited resources on the potential events that would have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Service Dashboards

Operations Center dashboards transform complicated technology into actionable, easy-to-understand business communications. The live dashboards collect and consolidate complex, mixed back-end data sources, allowing users to view everything from the big picture to single data points. And because users configure their own dashboards, they see only the information they want, when they want it.

Find out what's really going on

Get a true measure of service levels by aligning technology and business goals.

  • Real Time, Real Solutions: If your service levels depend on monthly trouble-ticket analysis, your IT operations can't move fast enough to prevent SLA breaches. Traditional historic trend analysis only presents half the picture. Operations Center for Service Measuring integrates historical trend data with real-time analytics for a 360° view of your environment.

  • Live Analytics: Assess compliance in real time with. Automated, rule-based monitoring reduces the error and expense of manual reporting. And because the solution measures your entire back-end data stream, you have the flexibility to see service availability in the context of a single service level objective (SLO) or an entire SLA agreement.

  • Predictive SLA Compliance Breach Warning: With Operations Center, your IT organization has the power to alert you before end users experience service level issues. An integrated early-warning system presents IT users with a simple, straightforward message in a popup window on their desktop or PDA. These messages give recipients the information they need to take immediate action without wading through streams of alarming, confusing and irrelevant information.

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