Events that affect IT services cost organizations revenue and customers every day. Today's data centers face daunting tasks, such as meeting the demand for high-quality services in dynamic market times, reducing cost and gaining control over complex physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Communicating service value is imperative to meeting the demands of today's market—and requires a new approach to IT management. Enter Operations Center.

Visualize and Monitor

Real-time enterprise insight

Operations Center dashboards transform complicated technology into actionable, easy-to-understand business communication. The live dashboards collect and consolidate complex, mixed back-end data sources, allowing users to view everything from the big picture to single data points. Read more ›

Monitor IT health

Operations Center allows you to monitor the health of your entire mixed-IT environment with a true end-to-end service management view. Our solution consolidates all data sources and provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand diagnosis. Built for IT and business users, it presents more than just a picture of your infrastructure health. It also presents a way for business users to understand IT considerations and for IT to recognize business impact. In addition, Operations Center maximizes the effectiveness of your responses because the health of your infrastructure is defined by your business goals, not arbitrary IT parameters. Rule-based, automated prioritization and weighting allow you to focus your limited resources on the events that matter most to your organization. Read more ›

See your customer’s experience

Operations Center gives you the performance information you need to recognize slow performance before your users call. Operations Center uses passive, synthetic transactions and user transactions for web applications to measure end-user response times from web-based applications. As a result, it enriches the intelligent service model that provides your IT and business users with information for more effective and proactive decision-making. Read more ›

Integrate and Organize

Discover Relationships

Operations Center integrates with many management technologies to discover items and relationships. Using this information, the solution can build initial configuration models and later keep them in sync. As a result, you can ensure standards are adhered to and changes occur in compliance with your change policy. Read more ›

Organize Information

Collect, filter, de-duplicate and normalize line-oriented event data from any source with Operations Center. You can even manage data from telecommunications devices that other tools overlook. Working on intelligent service models, Operations Center turns raw data into clear, pertinent information that your IT and business teams can review and react to. Read more ›

Model and Analyze

Operations Center federates multiple live data sources and holds an operational model. It also provides a panoramic view of your infrastructure and makes it easy for business users to perform specialized management and analysis tasks. Data sources are automatically accessed and reconciled with configuration models. Read more ›

Perform and Deliver

Maintain Service Levels

Guided by your business objectives, Operations Center monitors and manages performance in real time, alerting you before service levels drop. Meanwhile, historical trend analysis provides guidance for future resource utilization, management and improvement. Read more ›

Prioritize Response

Operations Center aligns IT goals with business goals by integrating business context and rules for prioritization into response activities. It also accounts for factors such as business calendars and value/volume of transactions. As a result, you can focus your limited resources on the events that have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Read more ›

Anticipate Impact

Making configuration changes shouldn’t cause anxiety or service interruptions. By providing insight into the impact of actual and proposed configuration changes, Operations Center lets your IT organization make adjustments and improvements with speed and confidence. Read more ›