Operations Center 5.0

NetIQ Operations Center connects to your management data and translates how IT infrastructure is performing, then models your information providing a real-time representation of your business as services.

This view of the IT infrastructure provides an end-to-end representation of the health and availability of the services supporting your business, by which IT can now take action while prioritizing and aligning to business objectives. This proactive, live view of the IT infrastructure enables a higher quality of service; thereby reducing cost, complexity and risk to the business.

NetIQ Operations Center addresses the three core service capabilities required by any IT organization: Service Monitoring, Service Mapping and Service Measuring.

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Getting Started view size last update
Release Notes  html   pdf  1 MB 04/08/2014
Getting Started Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 03/03/2014
Implementation Checklist  html   pdf  1 MB 03/03/2014
Server Installation Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 09/03/2013
Server Configuration Guide  html   pdf  4 MB 03/03/2014
User Guide  html   pdf  3 MB 11/06/2013
Performing Tasks view size last update
Security Management Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 04/26/2013
Adapter and Integration Guide  html   pdf  6 MB 03/03/2014
Service Modeling Guide  html   pdf  7 MB 11/06/2013
Service Level Agreement Guide  html   pdf  3 MB 11/06/2013
Custom Drawing and Layout Guide  html   pdf  5 MB 03/03/2014
Version Tracking Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 04/26/2013
Products view size last update
Event Manager Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 03/03/2014
F/X Adapter Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 04/26/2013
SNMP Integrator Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 11/06/2013
Data Integrator Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 03/03/2014
Experience Manager Guide  html   pdf  3 MB 03/03/2014
Dashboard Guide  html   pdf  5 MB 03/21/2014
AppManager Operations Portal Getting Started Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 03/21/2014
Configuration Management System (CMS) Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 09/03/2013
SQL Views Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 04/26/2013
Developer's Reference view size last update
Scripting Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 03/03/2014
Web Services Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 04/26/2013
Web 2.0 Connect Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 03/03/2014
Service Warehouse Data Dictionary  html   pdf  1 MB 09/30/2011
Troubleshooting view size last update
Troubleshooting Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 04/06/2013