Operations Center 5.0

March 3, 2014.

Implementation Checklist

If installing and configuring Operations Center for the first time, use the following checklist as a guide. Operations Center offers a multitude of features with a high degree of customization to give you optimal flexibility in setting up a solution that works with you and your environment.


Install Operations Center server and tools


Configure the Operations Center server



Create adapters to integrate with third-party applications, management systems, discovery tools and trouble ticket systems


Create custom integrations when an adapter integration is not available or does not meet your specific needs


Customize your installation


Build element hierarchies that model your business


Visualize your data by creating drawings in the Layout view

Layout drawings provide a visual analysis of critical relationships and conditions across multiple branches of an element hierarchy. Graphics are dynamically linked to element conditions and attributes, to automatically update when elements change.

For instructions, see the Operations Center 5.0 Service Modeling Guide.


Define Service Level Agreements to provide a specific standard of service to customers

For instructions, see the Operations Center 5.0 Service Level Agreement Guide.


Configure the Dashboard to provide users with a personalized and portable view into the Operations Center server

For instructions, see the Operations Center 5.0 Dashboard Guide.


Build a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) repository

The CMDB becomes a more accurate representation of your actual IT infrastructure as everyone contribute data and share knowledge about configuration items (CIs). A CMDB can help your organization understand the relationships between these components and track their configuration.

For instructions, see the Operations Center 5.0 Configuration Management System (CMS) Guide and Operations Center 5.0 Version Tracking Guide.


Secure your implementation

For information and instructions, see Operations Center 5.0 Security Management Guide.


Analyze performance and deliver reports

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