Reporting and search

Distributed search

Sentinel™ Log Manager provides distributed search capabilities to allow users to search for events on local Sentinel Log Manager server, and on other Sentinel Log Manager servers around the globe. This makes it easy for users to easily and seamlessly search all event logs providing deeper visibility into their IT infrastructure and user activities.

One-click report creation

Sentinel Log Manager allows users to quickly and easily create reports from search results with a simple click. This makes it easy to create reports to meet compliance requirements and gives users greater visibility into the data. It's a feature that no other log management software provides and greatly improves the usability of the product. Read more ›

Predefined reports for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX and more

Sentinel Log Manager comes with reports needed for common regulatory reporting. These predefined reports reduce the time you must spend on compliance.

Seamless reporting and search across all data

With Sentinel Log Manager, you can search online or archived data without having to bring your archived data online first. The searching is completely seamless. This makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for and increases overall productivity.

Fast and powerful text-based searching

Supports simple text-based searches as well more complex queries.

Easy, intuitive searching and filtering

Drill down into search results by simply clicking on fields that are interesting. Also filter search results using an intuitive menu to quickly find what you're looking for.

Storage and retention

Support for non-proprietary storage systems

Many other vendors require the use of proprietary storage systems to store log files. This raises costs and creates integration difficulties.

Non-proprietary data format

With other log management tools, data is stored in a proprietary format that requires the vendor tool in order to read the data. Sentinel Log Manager stores data in a standard, non-proprietary format. This approach reduces vendor lock-in and gives you more ownership over your data.

10:1 compression of log files

Sentinel Log Manager compresses data at a ratio of 10:1, which reduces storage costs for your log files.

Predicts storage requirements

Sentinel Log Manager informs you how much of your storage is currently being used and how long before you need more storage at the current rate of consumption.

Save money on hardware

Sentinel Log Manager allows you to use existing and off the shelf hardware for log management reducing your overall log management costs. Read more ›


Auto-detection of syslog sources

Sentinel Log Manager auto-detects sources of syslog data. This makes it easy to get up and running and accelerates time to ROI.

Support for syslog over SSL/TLS

Encrypts logs over the network, improving the security and integrity of log data. No other log management product offers this feature today.

"Sentinel Link" to forward data for real-time processing

Sentinel Log Manager can forward data to other systems without any additional setup required. This makes it easier to integrate Sentinel Log Manager into your existing environment.

GUI driven data-source setup

Sentinel Log Manager allows you to set up data sources from within a rich GUI that is accessed through Java Web Start. This makes it easier to get up and running and accelerates time to ROI.

Performance no matter what

Other log management tools advertise certain performance numbers, but actually parsing data causes performance to drop drastically. Sentinel Log Manager will collect and parse up to 7500 events-per-second for each license, and can scale to meet whatever performance your environment requires.