Easier audits with simplified one-click reporting

Take the pain out of generating reports with Sentinel™ Log Manager's simple one-click report generation.

Sentinel Log Manager makes it easy to create customized, detailed reports directly from search results. When you search your log data using Sentinel Log Manager, you have the ability to turn that search into a repeatable report. Why spend time defining what data should be in a report, when you've already done it as part of a search? The powerful search functionality in Sentinel Log Manager lets you drill down into data using text based queries, clicking on fields in the log data, or using a graphical filter.

Once you find what you need, you simply tell Sentinel Log Manager to apply a template to that data, and you have everything you need for your report. You can customize reports by selecting the event information fields required to display on reports.

Sentinel Log Manager ships with many of the reports that you need to prove regulatory compliance. But you can rest easy knowing that if your auditor is asking for something you don't already have, it will only take a quick search to provide it.

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