Frequently Asked Questions

Does PlateSpin Protect support protecting both Windows and Linux workloads?

Yes, PlateSpin® Protect gives users an easy-to-manage single pane of glass for protection of both Windows and Linux server workloads.

Does PlateSpin Protect support protection of virtual machines?

Yes, PlateSpin Protect supports protection of both Windows and Linux server workloads, whether they are running as standalone physical servers or running as virtual machines. PlateSpin Protect gives users the freedom to have one solution protecting their entire environment, or simply leverage our flexible solution for a specific tier of workloads.

How many workloads can I protect with PlateSpin Protect?

PlateSpin Protect has been designed with scalability in mind. All scenarios and environments can vary, however PlateSpin Protect has been stress tested to run upwards of 25 concurrent protection jobs at once. Users requiring massive scale also have the option of deploying multiple PlateSpin Protect instances at once.

What service packs and updates for the supported platforms does this product support?

On the Technical Info tab for each PlateSpin product, we only list the base versions that we support. Our policy for service packs and other minor updates is as follows:

Platform Support: we support all minor updates and service packs for all the platforms that are listed in our product documentation.

Platform Verification: there is a difference between platform support and verification; platform verification is a guarantee that the specific version of the platform will work with the product out of the box. Verification involves running a series of tests in our lab and ensuring there are no issues with the specific platform and the tested product version. We go through the verification exercise every time we have a major or minor release and if time allows, we do it in-between releases.

Does PlateSpin Protect supports UEFI and GPT based servers?

PlateSpin Protect 11 adds support for UEFI and GPT for Windows workloads.

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