Economical disaster recovery

Integration with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Maximize your vCenter Site Recovery Manager investment by using PlateSpin Protect 11 to add protection for all your physical systems, in addition to your VMware virtual machines.

Disaster recovery testing as easy as surfing a web page

Leverage virtualization for easy, one–click testing. Quickly create snapshot duplicates of the recovery archives, and boot them into safe sandbox test networks. PlateSpin® Protect provides an easy, fast–and more importantly, safe–testing mechanism. Read more ›

Whole workload replication

PlateSpin Protect enables data centers to protect server workloads (operating systems, applications and data) within a single bootable recovery environment. Whole workload protection allows you to avoid hassles of manual system rebuilding and data restore.

Rapid, one-click failover

In the event of a disaster, recovery time is just a matter of powering on the virtual standby workload. Upon receiving a failure alert, you can rapidly recover workloads with a single mouse click. Disaster recovery has never been faster or easier.

Low risk protection

Easy test failover

One–click test failover allows you to rapidly test the integrity of workload replication. With a mouse click, you can take a virtual snapshot of the recovery workload, power it on within a private internal network and quickly validate the recovery plan.

Failback flexibility

Leveraging multi–platform Workload Portability technology, PlateSpin Protect provides flexible restore options. Workload failback can be rapidly executed to any physical or virtual host regardless of manufacturer, make or model.

Efficient workload protection over the WAN

For enterprises with off-site disaster recovery needs, PlateSpin Protect provides efficient workload transfer over wide area networks.

Broad platform support

PlateSpin Protect enables streamlined disaster recovery for mixed datacenter environments, with support for protection of most major versions of the Microsoft Windows, SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

Easy management

Recover with the click of mouse

Virtual machines deliver incredibly fast recovery performance because the backup media is also the recovery environment. Recovery archives created with PlateSpin Protect can be powered on and run directly within your virtual infrastructure in minutes. Read more ›

Beyond bare-metal restore

PlateSpin Protect leverages patented technology to close the loop of disaster recovery by "failing back" or restoring your workloads to any available server–either physical or virtual. With the broadest support of x86 hardware and virtual platforms PlateSpin gets you back to business as usual with ultimate flexibility. Read more ›

Simple web-based management

PlateSpin Protect includes a simple web-based interface for managing, monitoring and reporting on all aspects of workload protection and recovery.

Events, tasks and actionable alerts

PlateSpin Protect creates, distributes and logs events to facilitate better management of the disaster recovery plan. Your users can be notified of events through email so they (and you!) don't have to actively monitor systems to stay on top of the disaster recovery plan.

Remote control

PlateSpin Protect does not require boot CDs or physical contact with the primary or recovery workloads. It provides a single control point, which saves you the time and costs associated with having to interact directly with production hardware at production or remote recovery sites.