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What does "integration" mean and why is it important?

When we talk about integration, we're referring to the ability of our technologies to work together in a seamless fashion, and also to plug in to other technologies you may already have. While having products that work together may seem like a minimum requirement for any technology vendor, many vendors provide minimal integration, if any at all.

With Identity Tracking, we've taken integration to the next level. The component pieces that drive Identity Tracking as the external identity management solution (not included in Identity Tracking) and Sentinel™ Enterprise as the security event and correlation engine (included with Identity Tracking as a limited use license)—don't just work together because of extensive re-engineering. They were built to work together.

That is highly beneficial in your real-world environment. When you buy Identity Tracking, you integrate two industry-leading products that share a common code base and, as a result, fit together like a hand in a glove. We've done the integration work for you, so you can save the time, money and effort required to configure the integration yourself.

This integration is important for three main reasons: to eliminate silos of information, to proactively prevent potential security risks and to support your regulatory-compliance efforts.

Many organizations hold two silos of data: one that holds identity information (who should access enterprise resources) and one that holds security information (who is actually accessing enterprise resources). Unfortunately, without integrating these silos, you'll never be able to fully understand whether or not a user's access activity represents a risk to the organization.

And worse yet, if a malicious user inappropriately compromises sensitive information, without user activity monitoring you may not discover the breach until days, weeks or months after the fact. By that point, the damage has been done and it's too late.

Finally, your inability to proactively monitor and prevent inappropriate activity impacts your ability to prove compliance with industry and government regulations. While being secure doesn't necessarily mean being compliant, having an integrated identity and security infrastructure in place will certainly underpin your compliance efforts.

How is this different from what other vendors provide?

The primary difference in our approach compared to other vendors is that our technologies were built to work together. While other vendors have been acquiring new technologies and trying to make them work together, we have been perfecting our own integration and developing new innovations.

With Identity Tracking—you have both real-time and historical views of who has been provisioned to what application, and how and when users are utilizing those resources. Other vendors can't provide such immediate and in-depth detail.

Because both the identity and security sides of Identity Tracking work with real-time precision, you can receive up-to-the-minute alerts of suspicious or non-compliant user activity and immediately act. That's not something other user activity monitoring solutions can boast.

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