Identity Tracking

Detailed views of user activity

Identity Tracking maps multiple system entitlements back to a specific user. This information is displayed in an intuitive user interface that gives business managers a complete view of a user's privileges and helps them make informed decisions about provisioning and access requests. Read More ›

Real-time monitoring and remediation

Identity Tracking monitors user activity in key systems that Identity Manager provisions to and takes immediate action if out-of-policy events occur. Read More ›

Advanced reporting

Identity Tracking allows you to see who has access to what key systems, and what they are doing with that access, all in real-time. This comprehensive reporting capability allows you an unparalleled, in-depth view into your enterprise. Read More ›

Identity and security integration

Identity Tracking ties your identity management information to security events, giving you comprehensive compliance and unbeaten security across key systems that Identity Manager provisions to. Read More ›