Integrate identity and security

Identity Tracking is the only product on the market that seamlessly integrates identity management with security event monitoring into a single offering.

By blending award-winning identity and security technologies, Identity Tracking allows you to always know:

  • Who is accessing what in key systems that Identity Manager provisions
  • When they are accessing things
  • If they are authorized to access them

If situations arise that are out of the norm, Identity Tracking takes appropriate action in real time, from sending simple notifications to initiating full remediation such as revoking user access or taking an application off-line. Identity Tracking automates the compliance process, eliminating security gaps and improving productivity, especially during audits.

When it comes to interoperability, nobody does it better than we do. We built Identity Tracking to work with your existing infrastructure investments. With out-of-the-box connectors for many applications, databases and systems that Identity Manager provisions, you can quickly, easily and affordably implement a user activity monitoring solution.

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