Continuous compliance

Continuously monitor and enforce IT policies to ensure compliance and prevent security breaches.

With Identity Tracking, you can effectively manage and mitigate business risks, making sure that activities are never out of compliance. With Identity Tracking, you can:

  • Proactively detect inappropriate and suspicious activity in real time
  • Immediately respond to potential threats
  • Continuously maintain your compliance posture

By combining user provisioning with security monitoring, Identity Tracking delivers business process automation that gives you the appropriate resources, validated in real time, to ensure compliance with company policies. This effectively eliminates the compliance and security gaps that have left so many companies at risk.

Identity Tracking monitors activity across keys systems that Identity Manager provisions. It then correlates all activity with security and compliance policies. This lets you identify potential compliance and security risks, and also respond as soon as they occur, not days or weeks after the fact. The ability to take automated, policy-based corrective action for non-compliant activities helps you stay continuously secure.

At the same time, Identity Tracking is flexible and business driven. It does not lock you in to predefined policies. It's a straightforward task to adapt your business policies to meet the needs of your unique IT landscape, changing regulations or market opportunities.

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