Comprehensive reporting

Get up-to-the-minute reports on your organization's security and compliance health.

The reporting capabilities in Identity Tracking will help you confidently prove to auditors that you are maintaining compliance with industry and government regulations. It's out-of-the-box reports provide insight into both user provisioning and user activity. For added ease of use, you can even schedule security reports of many kinds and automatically distribute them with detail that includes such things as:

  • Historical views of who has been accessing what
  • Who had SAP ERP access added, removed or changed last quarter?
  • Suspicious activities by users, administrators or departments
  • What were the Separation-of-Duties (SoD) exceptions outstanding at the end of last quarter

In addition to standard reports, Identity Tracking also delivers the flexibility to create custom security reports. These custom reports allow administrators to specify criteria such as which users to include, what time frame to report on, and what kind of activities to cull. The comprehensive reporting infrastructure in Identity Tracking:

  • Helps you enforce company policies
  • Ensures that you remain compliant with industry and government regulatory requirements
  • Answers any Governance, Risk and Compliance questions, however complex they may be

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