Save money on software and hardware

Deploying or migrating to Identity Manager is easy. With our new implementation tools, Identity Manger integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment.

Identity Vault

Identity Dashboard

Seamless integration

No need to buy new hardware or worry about software compatibility. Identity Manager will integrate easily into your existing environment, thanks to the heterogeneous environments support. And the new implementation tools, deploying or migration to Identity Manger is easier (and less expensive) than you think.

You've got to consider how well any new solution will fit into your existing infrastructure. After all, if it's going to require new hardware, or if it won't work well with one of the platforms you use, your TCO will skyrocket. Put your mind at ease. With Identity Manager, you will get a top quality product that slides seamlessly into your infrastructure. No hidden costs of ownership.


Role and resource mapping

Works well in mixed environments

Our products are right at home in mixed environments. For over a decade, we have developed Identity Manager to integrate with most enterprise-class hardware platforms. With out-of-the box connectors for most applications, databases and systems, you can scale beyond physical deployments to virtual networks and the cloud—quickly, easily and affordably.

Designer drag-and-drop

Designer drag-and-drop

Easy and affordable to deploy

With our innovative new implementation tools, you'll find Identity Manager is easy and affordable to deploy. The built-in Identity Vault—a centralized identity and access database—eliminates the need to create and maintain a separate directory. Additionally, introducing new applications and services into your environment is simple because Identity Manager features intelligent tools like Analyzer and Designer that provide automated data-cleansing and a user-friendly drag-and-drop designing and automated documentation capabilities.

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