Identity Manager

NetIQ Identity Manager is a comprehensive identity management suite. It allows organizations to manage the full user life cycle, from initial hire, through ongoing changes, to ultimate retirement of the user relationship, and it also provides the means to audit and generate reports of the user's life cycle for compliance. Identity Manager includes capabilities for automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts, managing passwords, and managing user data across your organization's directories, applications, databases, and operating system platforms. Through streamlined user administration and processes, Identity Manager helps organizations reduce management costs, increase productivity and security, and comply with government regulations.

Identity Manager includes a broad spectrum of functionality. In order to meet different customer needs, Identity Manager functionality is provided in two product groups: Advanced Edition and Standard Edition. Identity Manager includes the complete set of functionality in Advanced Edition. Standard Edition includes a subset of the features provided in Advanced Edition. For a comparison of features available in Advanced and Standard Editions, see the feature comparison table in the Identity Manager 4.6 Release Notes.

Prior to Identity Manager 4.6, Identity Manager Advanced and Standard Editions were delivered in separate ISOs. With Identity Manager 4.6, NetIQ delivers both editions in a single ISO to improve its delivery of new features, patches, documentation, and support, while allowing customers to select the solution capabilities that best match their needs.

Identity Manager
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