Comprehensive support for security and compliance

Identity Manager can help you ensure security and prove compliance easily across mixed IT environments and cloud infrastructures.

Identity Manager supports security and compliance in enterprises with thousands of users and resources that extend from the data center to the cloud. By seamlessly integrating with the security event and information management system and your applications, Identity Manager ensures continuous enterprise compliance at a low cost.

Designer drag-and-drop

Role and resource mapping

Instant propagation

Worried that terminating an employee may lead to an attack? When a user's status is entered into a system such as HR, Identity Manager immediately changes his or her privileges and propagates them across all your linked applications. You can protect every resource imaginable, from directories and email systems to databases and physical assets—and cloud-based applications, too.

Reporting dashboard

Separation of Duty Conflicts Report

Complete control

Identity Manager maps user privileges across numerous systems to user identities, leveraging your existing policies, no matter how highly customized. Using our intuitive user interface, business managers gain a complete view of a user's privileges and can make informed decisions about any provisioning request. You'll never have to worry about multiple identities for a single user or enforcing critical requirements such as separation of duties.

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