Drive compliance

Conduct periodic and ad-hoc reviews

Identity Governance ensures initiatives stay on schedule with automatic system reminders to business reviewers and progress updates including issue escalation for administrators.

Define controls to detect and handle violations and exceptions

Identity Governance allows you to define SOD controls to prevent or mitigate conflicting entitlement assignments, specify time constraints on role and permission assignments to manage temporary access rights, and define, detect and properly handle orphaned account, systems and shared accounts.

Increase business efficiency

Collect and review entitlement data across the enterprise, including on-premises, hybrid and cloud

Identity Governance collects system and application data from both on-premises, hybrid and cloud systems using a wide range of access protocols so you can conduct enterprise-wide user access reviews.

Business Role and attribute authorization model

Build business models for access authorization based on roles or attributes. This significantly reduces the scope and duration of access certifications and access request and approval processes by allowing a focus on exceptions, rather than all entitlements.

Empower business users

Intuitive business user interfaces

Identity Governance simplifies business critical information so that it makes intuitive sense to business users conducting access certifications, encouraging their participation without requiring detailed training.

Provide access information with context

Identity Governance makes it easy for review participants to make confident access revocation decisions by providing contextually relevant, business-friendly user-access information. Use roles, risk-scoring, and contextual information to enable business users to focus on exceptions and high-risk entitlements, such as SOD violations or orphaned accounts thus reducing the management load on IT.

Proactively reduce risk

Conduct reviews prioritized by risk scoring

Identity Governance allows you to design risk-focused access recertification campaigns based on specific users, groups, entitlements, attributes and applications. Risk scoring highlights areas of concern, providing focus where most needed.

Closed-loop access revocation

Identity Governance integrates with Identity Manager to deliver seamless, automated access revocation. We make it easy to push and pull information to and from the Identity Vault. For applications not managed by Identity Manager, Access Review tracks manual fulfillment via service desk integration (Remedy or ServiceNow), or via email interaction with administrators.

Drive Business Value

Faster time to implementation

Identity Governance has been built from the ground up to simplify the overall compliance and governance process. Organizations can get their compliance campaigns into production in hours vs. weeks or even months with legacy vendors.

Better decisions are based on visibility

Identity governance comes out of the box with over 30 reports not to mention the ability to customize and create your own. The reporting capabilities of Identity Governance provides the visibility needed to make sound business decisions, business decisions based on fact not fiction.