Automated provisioning for easier administration

Identity Manager eliminates the risks, hassles and costs of manually managing identities across the user lifecycle in growing enterprises.

By automating provisioning and deprovisioning, Identity Manager saves your IT team hundreds of hours. When a user joins your business, transfers to another department or leaves, an intelligent provisioning action (based on your policies) is triggered in real time. Any event—even a change in a duty for a short-term project—modifies the user's access privileges instantly and accurately.

Identity Vault

Identity Dashboard

Instant propagation

Changes are implemented and recorded in the Identity Vault, a centralized, authoritative data store. The changes are also distributed and synchronized in real time across all your physical and virtual resources. Our wide range of drivers also includes connectors for SaaS applications such as and Google. This ensures the latest access information is propagated across every connected application and system in your environment. Access is provisioned even to applications in the cloud.

Sample report

Separation of Duty Conflicts Report

Easy reporting

Identity Manager provides a comprehensive reporting framework that allows you to create reports that clearly show who has access to what at all times, including complete historical records. When an auditor asks, you can instantly demonstrate the association among all users, resources and provisioning activities. These powerful and flexible report capabilities let you save queries, which you can use to prove your business enforces both internal policies and external regulations.

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