Manage customers and applications with Management Dashboard

Manage all your customers and applications via a multi-tenant management dashboard.

Customer's Dashboard

Customer's Dashboard

Managing multiple tenants or SaaS applications can result in high administrative costs. Additionally, on-boarding a customer means performing many manual processes, including:

  • Setting up the customer
  • Configuring their identity store
  • Mapping the role information to the different SaaS applications
  • Providing usage and monitoring reports for each customer.

On the application side, a host needs to identify which customers use which applications. This requires having a dashboard that maps the entire system, including potential problems.

Cloud Provider's Dashboard

Cloud Provider's Dashboard

Cloud Security Service provides a dashboard interface for both you and your customers to configure, monitor and control the applications and the usage.

Our solution is cloud-ready with full multi-tenancy support, including billing and usage tracking support to allow you to scale applications and customers quickly.

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