Enable secure EHR/EMR meaningful use

To deliver quality care, you must provide meaningful use to patient information (e.g., EHRs, EMRs, etc.) while safeguarding sensitive data. You need to detect and respond to potential threats quickly, close security gaps, and reduce the risk of data breach.

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Speed identification of EMR threats proactively

To quickly identify threats before they cause damage, you need real-time information and analysis of security events when they are occurring. You need to rapidly spot suspicious activity that may require closer analysis. Security Management practices and technology will help establish baselines of normal EMR activity patterns. They help you notice inconsistencies very quickly. This is key in mitigating the risk of data breaches. It shortens the window of breach exposure, and the regulatory fines that would result from a more serious data breach.

Monitor for suspicious behavior and unauthorized change to EMR/EHR

It is your job to grant the right level of access to mission-critical systems and information. It is much easier to maintain a good security posture if your system configurations and integrity assessments are streamlined and automated. You must guard against system corruption and data theft by unauthorized insiders.

Of course, accidents can happen. But the real problem is defending against ‘trusted’ personnel who have legitimate access to systems and data on a daily basis. We integrate security monitoring with your identity management roles and privileges. This gives you insight into 'who, what, when and where' data is being accessed and altered. That lets you proactively monitor for suspicious behavior and take action, reducing your overall risk for potential EMR data breaches on an ongoing basis.

Defend against future attacks and breaches

To defend against future attacks, you need security intelligence that lets you provide the right data to the right people. Your Compliance Officer, Auditor, security personnel and IT professionals need to see information in a way that lets them take precise action in minutes—not hours or days. Systems must be monitored in the context of the roles and privileges of your physicians and clinicians.

This will help you meet regulatory requirements to provide real-time visibility of your overall security risk on a continuous basis. This monitoring and analysis will help you improve your ability to remove risk, respond to incidents and protect patient data required to deliver quality care.

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