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Good Samaritan needed to effectively manage and administer 1,000 users and 100 servers during and after a transition to Microsoft Active Directory. During the transition, the hospital needed to update permissions, move passwords and ensure security, all while keeping resources available. NetIQ solutions allowed Good Samaritan to transition its users and servers smoothly while still maintaining strict security and compliance standards. NetIQ solutions also gave the hospital effective daily management of its environment.

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“NetIQ Group Policy Administrator beats the daylights out of the native tools.”Guy PierreNetwork Administrator, Good Samaritan Hospital

About The Good Samaritan Hospital

The mission of the Good Samaritan Hospital is “to provide care of the sick and suffering.”

To accomplish this mission, the hospital needs to constantly update its technology infrastructure and remain compliant with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The hospital began investigating how to best transition its 1,000 users and 100 Microsoft Windows servers to Active Directory and quickly realized it faced a tremendous challenge.


Good Samaritan’s network services team understood that the hospital needed to update permissions, move passwords and ensure security during the transition to maintain compliance with HIPAA. If the hospital was to continue providing services, resources had to remain available throughout the transition. In addition, the team knew the change to a new environment can be complex and that effective day-to-day management of Active Directory would be necessary to maximize Good Samaritan’s investment.

Our Solution

The solutions from NetIQ integrated closely with Microsoft’s native tools, making them the best choice for controlling users within Active Directory and Exchange. By working with NetIQ, Good Samaritan developed a strategy that enabled the hospital to transition to Active Directory and manage it with little disruption to operations.

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator and NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator seemed the natural choices for extending control of the Active Directory and security tools that Good Samaritan already had. “The power of Active Directory is in the ability to completely control the entire environment with Group Policies,” explained Guy Pierre, network administrator at The Good Samaritan Hospital.

The hospital implemented NetIQ Group Policy Administrator to help it take full advantage of Active Directory’s powerful functionality. It “made setting up and managing Group Policy objects much easier. It also helped to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations by enabling us to easily manage our individual access policies for clinical workstations and confidential health information for eight organizational units,” said Pierre.

Good Samaritan also deployed NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator to securely administer its Windows environment during and after the transition to Active Directory. While Active Directory provided a powerful infrastructure for the hospital’s environment, securely obtaining administrative efficiency and cost effectiveness would remain a challenge.

The layered security architecture of NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator allowed Good Samaritan to delegate Windows account management within its Active Directory environment. It could delegate Windows account administration tasks to helpdesk staff, without providing unnecessary, elevated levels of privilege in Active Directory. This reserved higher-level staff for more technical and pressing needs.


Good Samaritan used NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator to automate repetitive and complex user administration tasks, reducing administrative costs and improving operational efficiency. By delegating account management with NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator, Good Samaritan also lowered staff and training costs and increased directory security.

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator delivered a policy-centric view that helped prevent security exposure and reduced the risk of errors by displaying crucial information in a clear, concise format. As a result, the hospital can now plan and troubleshoot much more efficiently. It has also been able to safely increase its use of Group Policy Objects from two at a time to more than twenty-five.

These NetIQ solutions have helped Good Samaritan ensure greater security in its Windows environment. The hospital was so pleased with the results it has since implemented NetIQ Change Guardian for Group Policy, which allows it greater visibility into what changes are being made to Group Policies.


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  • Automated repetitive and complex user administration tasks, reducing administrative costs and improving operational efficiency
  • Helped Good Samaritan ensure greater security in its Windows environment
  • Increased use of Group Policy Objects from two at a time to more than 25

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