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Your physicians and clinicians may have many roles in many facilities. You need to manage privileges based upon changing roles; quickly create, modify and retire providers; and control data access to sensitive resources.

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Manage roles and privileges

Your facility must be able to manage physicians and clinicians that may have multiple roles and work in multiple facilities. The best way to manage access to patient data is to grant and enforce your access rights based on a principle of role-based privileges. This reduces the complexity of managing individual privileges and access creep. We enable you to manage privileges based upon roles across your facility, attest to their use, and automate required changes over time.

Manage to least-privilege principle

You need the ability to manage to the least-required-privileges principle. The best way to fight access creep is to grant and enforce the minimal access rights to your physicians and clinicians, so they can deliver quality patient care without privacy risks. We help you review access rights in place across your facility to make sure that they follow least-privilege principles.

Maintain a consistent identity

Like many healthcare organizations, you likely have multiple facilities and/or multiple directories of physicians and clinicians at your facilities. Does user name "JSmith" refer to John or Jake? Is "JSmith" the same as "JohnS"? Physicians and clinicians often have multiple overlapping identities across the organization. You need a way to keep these consistent and synchronized to prevent gaps in your secure access strategy.

We provide automation that keeps user identities synchronized. This improves productivity and reduces the risk of unauthorized access by lingering identities.

Manage access as physicians and clinicians come and go and change roles

You face the risk of breaches in data privacy whenever physicians and clinicians arrive, move or leave your facility. To effectively reduce that risk, it is critical that you have automated processes for granting, revoking and updating access to resources and information. You need to be able to revoke access rights for anyone immediately and completely. You must be able to attest to who currently has access to shared patient data. Our solutions offer powerful access control, even for cloud-based applications.

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