HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a broad reform of the healthcare industry. Within the regulation, the Administration Simplification section has a significant impact on IT and Information Security departments, as well as healthcare software application vendors.

Our product assist healthcare organizations in complying with HIPAA's Privacy and Security Rules-a component of Administration Simplification-to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a patient's protected health information.

By streamlining your organization's business processes to incorporate HIPAA's requirements, our products improve business continuity and operational efficiency, helping to reduce your costs of complying with the Act.

Business problem

Severe civil and criminal penalties threaten healthcare organizations that are found to be noncompliant with HIPAA. To comply with the Act's Privacy and Security Rules, IT departments must implement strategies and processes to:

  • Assure service levels, policy compliance and appropriate risk management
  • Secure all assets and services
  • Control and track all access to protected health information
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of heterogeneous IT infrastructure management

Our HIPAA Solutions

We offer a range of products that help organizations define, manage and report a consistent set of internal controls over their corporate data and systems.

  • Security Manager provides both real-time security incident monitoring and log analysis capabilities. Along with providing the necessary communication and response to security incidents, as outlined by the Administrative Safeguards in the HIPAA Security Rule, the product delivers the protection, detection, containment and correction of security breaches.

    Its log management and analysis brings you additional auditing for security applications and devices (firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection systems), as well as network devices. These capabilities enable you to comply with the Incident Response requirements of the Administrative Safeguards in the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • With Secure Configuration Manager, you automatically receive information on the latest vulnerabilities, exploits, patches and policy best practices so you can immediately identify and correct any issues. Use the HIPAA Checkup Template to quickly establish a compliance baseline and meet the Audit Controls requirements in the Technical Safeguards section of the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • Sentinel Enterprise helps you prove compliance with HIPAA security and access policies with automated security monitoring and incident response management that formalizes the process of tracking, escalating and responding to policy violations.
  • Identity Manager automates the management of user identity and access rights throughout their lifecycle. You can grant users role-based access to resources when their relationship with your organization begins, update access rights when their role changes, streamline password management and immediately remove access rights when the relationship ends.
  • Access Manager makes sure only authorized users can access sensitive medical information inside or outside your firewall–with SSL VPN, identity federation, web single sign-on and more.
  • Identity Governance simplifies automation and auditing of the access certification process which enables security teams to hold business managers accountable and integrate certifications into corporate compliance processes.
  • SecureLogin enforces HIPAA-compliant security policies and restricts users' access to sensitive medical information on the network.

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