eDirectory 9.2

eDirectory is the foundation for the world's largest identity management deployments and is a high-end directory service that allows businesses to manage identities and security access for employees, customers, and partners. With eDirectory, businesses lay the groundwork for secure identity management solutions and multi-platform network services. eDirectory provides centralized identity management, infrastructure, Net-wide security and scalability to all types of applications running behind and beyond the firewall.

eDirectory can scale to billions of identities. This means that as your business grows, eDirectory can easily accommodate additional identities without any performance degradation.

eDirectory complies with several open standards including Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3 (LDAP v3) standard. This helps organizations maximize their technology investments and avoid getting locked in to any particular vendor's product set. For more information, see the eDirectory Administration Guide.

eDirectory is bundled with several world-class enterprise products including NetIQ Identity Manager, NetIQ Access Manager, Novell Open Enterprise Server, etc. eDirectory enhances these products by providing a fast, reliable, secure, Open Standards based high-end identity store. For more information about these products, see the related product documentation.

Note: We are shipping a preview version of Docker Container-based deployment with eDirectory 9.2 for customers to use and provide feedback. Customers wishing to deploy in production will be supported only with a Professional Services engagement.

Note: The eDirectory documentation has been revamped. Content from NMAS Administration Guide, Password Management Guide, and Certificate Server Guide is now part of the eDirectory Administration Guide. To access these chapters, click the links listed under the eDirectory Administration Guide.

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eDirectory 9.2.3 Release Notes 09/10/2020
eDirectory 9.2.2 Release Notes 05/07/2020
eDirectory 9.2.1 Release Notes 02/04/2020
eDirectory 9.2 Release Notes 10/31/2019

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eDirectory Administration Guide    10/31/2019
- NMAS Administration
- Password Management Administration
- Certificate Server Administration
- REST Services
eDirectory Installation Guide    10/31/2019
- eDirectory on Microsoft Azure
- eDirectory on Amazon Web Services EC2
- eDirectory Using Docker Container
NICI Administration Guide    10/31/2019
Tuning Guide for Linux Platforms    10/31/2019

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Integrating NetIQ eDirectory with FreeRADIUS

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Resource Server Mode 11/05/2019
Simple Login Mode 11/05/2019

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Novell Client
Novell Error Codes   

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eDirectory 9.1
eDirectory 9.0 SP4
eDirectory 8.8 SP8 (and below)